Working on the Snowy Owl workshop images today….

It was a great workshop and the weather was somewhat cooperating during the trip, however we felt it was too warm for the types of photography we were aiming for. But in the end, we have a full experience of weather and Snowy Owls, with the 5th day being the most spectacular. Now, on to working through the images of the workshop and gear reviews.  I am not 100% positive, but I believe we covered around 2,000 kilometers during the trip, wakeup at 4am for a full day of shooting.  I also checked a couple things off my bucket list, two uniquely canadian experiences, breakfast at Tim Hortons and Poutine eh….

Chris and Kim

Cold days are challenging, but make for great photos!

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The past year was filled with great joy and accomplishments….

… keeping a positive outlook on what life has for us is the only way to rise to the top in all that we do.  Looking forward to a great 2013, a year to learn new techniques and skills in photography, 2013 will be the year of lighting, wildlife, travel and training.  Thanks to all the new fans on Facebook!  Looking forward all the great work you will accomplish this year and look forward to spending time learning together!   A BIG Shout out to my family and all the grandkids that we have been blessed with.  Had a wonderful time in Florida, look forward to the next family outing… Something tells me it will be at the OuterBanks:)

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Light-painting in Okinawa…

Came across the site fiz-iks, which provides tips and insight on tools they use to capture some of the unique images they have posted on their site.  Have not seen a lot of light-painting in Aisa, but given the history and architectural backdrops, I will be sure to check back in to this site from time to time.    I found this site as I was reading up on shooting Star trails, Erika from work provided me the link to the Digital Photography Schools star trails page, which provides a great foundational lesson in how to capture using a layering method versus holding your shutter open for 30 minuties to an hour or longer.

Noise is the enemy here, so you will need to keep your aperture open and your iso down, although the site recommends using 800 iso, cranking down if too light.  I find that most cameras can get noise with 800 iso, unless you are shooting higher end Nikons, Canons or other gear with good low light sensors.  Shooting with the Nikon D3s has been very nice and has allowed me to rely more on the auto-iso function of the camera then in setting iso manually as I did for many years. I will write more on this in a later post…

Here’s a nite shot with my iPhone 4, near Hyde Park, London of the Royal Hyde Park hotel, which was just around the corner of the Queensway underground station..



Happy shooting! -Kim

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